Councilor Michael Mclaughlin Announces His Campaign for Re-Election

Councilor Michael McLaughlin announces his campaign for re-election, the following is his statement:

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for City Council in Ward Six. I am a proud lifelong resident of Everett, and a graduate of the class of 2004 from Everett High School. I currently reside at 9 Baldwin Place with my parents, Edward and Violet, who I would like to thank for all their love and unwavering support. I would also like to thank my extended family and friends old and new for all of their support as well. In addition, I must thank Patti Frati, who is not only my girlfriend but my best friend and biggest supporter. I am most thankful every day that she is by my side and fully committed to this campaign and helping better our community.

In the past several, I have listened to many residents throughout our City on issues that exist on each corner and in each neighborhood. This was done by the old method of knocking on each door and speaking with you personally, as I am currently doing again in this election.  If re-elected as your independent voice on the City Council, I will continue our vital work on issues such as traffic and parking, inspectional services, and working with our DPW to ensure cleaner and safer parks and streets for our residents of all ages. In addition, I have worked with our Council on Aging to enhance community activities for our seniors.

In this race, the voters will have to ask: Do you want a proven full-time independent voice, and or do you want an established insider and well-known member of the current administration?

My true hope is that I can earn your vote in this race. I strongly believe that I am the most qualified and independent candidate to lead Ward Six.

I am confident in my ability to serve the City and proud of my proven record of strong leadership. I have been honored to receive a number of awards and recognition for my commitment service and dedication such as: the 2016 Saint Cosmas and Damian President’s award; 2017 receiving the Community Heroes award from Portal to Hope in support of domestic violence survivors; Everett Public Schools Parent Advisory Council Outstanding Community Contributor award in support of special education; 2018 20th annual MASS BADGE community leader service award; and 2019 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Community Award presented by Zion Ministries Church.

If given the opportunity to serve on the City Council again, I will do my very best to ensure collaboration between the Council, the current administration, and school department. My close friendship and working relationship with Everett’s State Senator Sal DiDomenico, as well as my relationship with our federal delegation gives me the unique opportunity to represent all of Everett’s residents on many levels.

I have had the honor of working with every city department to resolve issues on behalf of the residents of Everett every day of my time on the City Council. I believe I have the greatest strength and understanding to stand up for those who are the backbone of our community: our business leaders. I have spoken with many of them throughout the years, and most seem to feel that their voice and request end at the front door of City Hall.  I can assure my friends, supporters, and local businesses that if I am re-elected, their voices will be heard on the third floor in the City Council chambers and I will always keep a watchful eye on their needs and concerns.

For the past seven years, I have enjoyed being the only candidate in this race to be at the table alongside the Mayor and his team to make sure the issues related to the Wynn project that mattered to the residents of Everett were always heard.

I have also taken a leading role in other very important ballot questions the past few years. I have raised my voice in support on the redevelopment of Saint Theresa’s Church on Broadway into a 40b affordable housing development. I have always been on the front line fighting for our school’s needs and proudly supporting their accomplishments.

At this point, I hope that I have expressed to you my desire to serve our community for all the right reasons. I will do my best to knock on every single door and attend every event to meet you directly. The only way that I can be an effective leader for you, is to understand your concerns and requests in your neighborhood. If you share in my vision for a more open, friendly city to live and work and raise our families, then I ask for your help in this election by placing a yard sign at your home or putting a bumper sticker on your car.  If I can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to call me at 781-560-3791 or email me at [email protected].

Please cast your vote for Michael J. McLaughlin for Re-Election to the City Council in Ward Six voted city-wide on Tuesday, November 5.

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