Letter to the Editor

An Open Letter to Robert Santacroce

Two weeks ago, I didn’t expect to open a local newspaper and find that that my employment status and qualifications as a paraprofessional would be central to your campaign for Ward 3 School Committee.  As a candidate, one would hope you would have more to offer.

You are not the first to stigmatize my ability as a professional and I’m certain you will not be the last.  Over the past six years in childcare, I have earned the respect of my peers and administrators, the praise of the parents I serve, and the admiration of the students I teach. I appreciate your passion and concern for the students and families of Everett as it seems to be something we both share.

I have worked so hard to build my own professional reputation, as my own person, while working within the Everett Public Schools. In response to your ad, I invited you to come and observe me at the Webster School Extension. I have not heard back from you and my offer still stands. This would give you prime opportunity to address your concerns regarding myself or my ability to perform my duties as a paraprofessional. My students and I would be happy to welcome you into our classroom.

If you join us, I will also share with you my letters of recommendation from peers, former teachers and current administrators along with my pay stub.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew Parker

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