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Vote Gerly Adrien for City Council At-Large on Tuesday, September 17

Dear Editor,

I love Everett, the city I grew up in, from the neighborhoods of Ferry Street and Cedar Street.

In the last year alone, my involvement on the local level, especially with Everett parents, community members, teachers, students and even City Hall, has made me proud of the work I know I can do. I emphasize the reason why I decided to run since 2016:  the people in the community felt like they wanted a new, independent voice who could do good work. That’s what I intend on doing if elected to the council. And, I will NOT GIVE UP.

I am not afraid of everyone nor will let anyone bully me into thinking what I should do.

The work I have done, ensured the food pantry was back for seniors, fought for three summer youth jobs for ABCD families, spoke for the safeness of our children at the schools and most importantly, the countless times, I have spoken up at City Council meetings or tried to advocate against decisions that would hurt our community. I do this for the sake of my heart, and most importantly, what I believe my faith in God has directed me to do.

We need to restore fairness, independence and most importantly, serve our community.

My experience includes:

•Small Business Owner of 2 businesses (Sommerville and Jamaica Plain)

•Finance, Non-Profit and Management experience for 8 years

•Bachelor of Science from Bentley University; MBA Candidate from Boston University


Please, I hope next Tuesday, I earn your vote on September 17. If you would like to give me a call, please do so at 617-835-8267.

Gerly Adrien

Renee Solano for City Council At Large

My name is Renee Solano and I am running for City Council At Large because I want to make Everett work for all its citizens.

Census data shows that Everett has much higher than average percentages of childhood and adult obesity, people with disabilities, seniors, and residents with incomes below poverty level, many of them children. While there are a few programs in place to address these issues, I feel we could, and should, do a lot more.

My experience has given me the ability to navigate municipal administration and red tape from both sides of the counter. As a former firefighter and inspector, I have a thorough understanding of codes and regulations. As a business owner, I also understand the importance of keeping everyone safe and making sure the needs and interests of property owners, building owners, and tenants are met. 

My parents taught me never to make a promise unless I am sure I will keep it. If elected, I can promise three things: I will always listen to your concerns, I will weigh all sides of every issue, and you will always get an honest answer from me. 

I respectfully ask for your vote in the preliminary election on Tuesday, September 17.

Renee Solano

Candidate Council At-Large

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