Vocational Students Make Marker Holders for Wakefield School

Northeast Metro Tech Carpentry students recently completed a project to help some of their younger peers exercise their creativity while staying organized.

Northeast Metro Tech carpentry sophomores Jose Verde, of Chelsea, Brady McKinley, of Woburn, Lucky Bustamante, of Everett, David DeFilippo, of Reading, Esaw Solis Molina, of Saugus, and Christopher Quinom, of Chelsea, created eight marker holders for students at the Greenwood Elementary School in Wakefield.

The project came to fruition after Greenwood art teacher Amy Drago realized she needed a better way for her students to store their markers.

“The caps are too difficult for the little ones to snap closed so caps go missing and markers get dried out,” Drago said. “The marker holders are not a new concept and you can purchase them in a store, but they are very expensive for a public school art budget.”

Given Northeast’s strong community partnerships, Drago knew exactly who to ask to help her complete the project. She reached out to Northeast’s carpentry department earlier this month to create wooden marker holders.

Students quickly got to work, cutting out eight blocks of wood and then drilling 24 holes in each block that perfectly fit the caps of the markers.

“This was a great project that allowed our sophomore students to practice what they’re learning in shop and create something that will directly benefit their younger peers,” Instructor Albert Turco said. “One of our core values at Northeast is being able to give back to our communities, so we didn’t think twice about bringing this project to life.”

After carpentry students finished the marker holders, Greenwood students, as part of their work in art class, painted the blocks different colors.

The blocks are now an integral part of Drago’s classroom, and are able to travel from table to table as needed for art projects.

“Northeast Metro Tech is such a great resource and we’re so happy that carpentry students could help us with this project,” Drago said. “The kids were so excited to see the marker holders and use them. We love them!”

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