Spring Cleaning

By: Mayor Carlo DeMaria

Spring-cleaning is a rite of passage for many of us every year and cities are no different. We feel a sense of accomplishment and feel better about our surroundings. Now as we have begun our spring-cleaning with the start of street sweeping I would like to thank all residents for doing their part in maintaining a clean city. It’s a great reminder to all of us here in the city of the importance of keeping our community clean. It’s important because Everett is our home, where we run our businesses, where we raise our families, and where we enjoy the great benefits of our community.

When you see television shows, newspapers, or social media show pictures of distressed neighborhoods throughout the country the immediate reaction is likely: “Good thing I don’t live there.” For us in Everett, this is the reason we, the city, are out there everyday fixing potholes, repairing water lines, using grant funds to fix entire streets and sidewalks. This is also the reason why we continually strengthen Code Enforcement and ISD, were we have led an aggressive campaign to remove blight and vandalism from our community.

Of the many good things that I can say about the people in Everett, one particular thing is, we are very proud to live here. When neighbors are out cutting their lawns, painting their homes, cleaning up in front of their house, that’s community pride. Here at City Hall, we accent that with our Street Sweeping Program. And, we are strict, just like many other cities when it comes to Street Sweeping.

By instituting an aggressive street sweeping policy we have reduced nutrients and sediments from street surfaces and have reduced stormwater runoff, improved the quality of stormwater and recharged ground water sources, which reduces the potential for drought.

I consider street sweeping one of those additional benefits of living in a modern greater-metropolitan area. There’s a mild investment of time for our residents, and the return on that investment is a cleaner, brighter, and vibrant City. Although sometimes inconvenient, street sweeping adds to the quality of our lives and is a well-regarded investment. There is one thing for sure, just like taxes, from April to November- Street Sweeping will always be there.

On Saturday, May 11, I hope you will join us as we come together for the City’s Annual Spring Clean Up. We will be celebrating the beauty of the environment by working together as we clean our community. There will be various spots designated throughout the City for cleaning. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Everett DPW (19 Norman St.) at 8 a.m..

Carlo DeMaria is the Mayor of Everett

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