Councilors Take Grand Tour of Encore Boston Harbor

While most councilors in Everett have toured the Encore Boston Harbor casino several times over, a small group of councilors had yet to see the five-star facility, and on Feb. 13 they got an eye-full of luxury.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky reported that he and Councilors Michael Marchese, Steve Simonelli (with Nick Saia) and Leo McKinnon were treated to their first major tour of the resort casino.

“This is not five-star; this is 10-star,” said Matewsky this week, noting that it was his first inside look at the project. “The ballroom was unbelievable. It will hold 4,000 people. I was amazed and happy that the Encore Resort will be exactly what they said it would be. I’m so pleased we actually had the opportunity to see it. People ask me what’s going on and I can actually be excited about it because I have seen it. I’m very glad they accommodated those of us who haven’t had the chance to go in there yet.”

The tour involved more than one mile of walking through the nearly-finished interior, and Matewsky said they were impressed every step of the way – particularly within the context of what has been on Lower Broadway.

“It’s really a shock to me,” he said. “It’s hard to imagine such a luxurious type of property on top of what was a contaminated piece of property just sitting there. I’m very interested in seeing how the docks and the water features and boats turn out in the end.”

The councilors said they watched workers busily finishing up the building, and they were laying carpet and putting in the slot machines on the day they took their tour.

Meanwhile, Matewsky said there was likely a chandelier for every space of the resort.

“They also showed us the locations where 15 restaurants will be, including Sinatra’s for Italian food,” he said. “I was very impressed with the Asian restaurant, which looked phenomenal decked out all in red. There is also an oyster bar and many others too.”

Matewsky said he believes the Everett casino rivals anything on the Vegas strip.

“The casinos I saw in Vegas 25 years ago don’t compare to this Encore Boston Harbor facility,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the opening and celebrating that day with my colleagues. It is less than 130 days away.”

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