Looking at the News:Council President Jockeying Underway

The duties of Council President have been hotly contested over the last several years, and though it’s usually a thankless job, everyone seems to want it come December.

That’s been the case the last several weeks as councilors have begun to amass commitments regarding who will succeed current President Peter Napolitano.

So far a we’ve heard, the fight is all but over at this point – and the Council has been remarkably genteel in choosing its next leader this time around.

All arrows seem to be pointing to Councilor Rich Dell Isola to be the next president in the 2019 session, but nothing has been determined as of yet.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky is approaching a milestone in his legislative career, and there apparently has been a push of late to let Matewsky take the post on his milestone year.

However, Dell Isola seems to have the votes on his side.

Councilor Mike McLaughlin has always been in the running for the post, but this year appears not to be his year to pursue the seat. Though he was close on many occasions in the past and deferred to seniority, this year he wasn’t in the running.

Don’t count him out next year though.

With Councilor Michael Marchese back on the Board and one year’s experience behind him, he could be someone in the running.

Many other councilors have held the post in the recent past, and aren’t in the running, including John Hanlon and Anthony DiPierro. However, there is always room for a surprise run between now and January, when the votes are tabulated.

One shouldn’t count out Councilors Rosa DiFlorio of Leo McKinnon to be such a surprise if things don’t work out the plan goes now.

But as it stands, the word is, and the reality will likely be, that Councilor Dell Isola will wield the gavel in 2019 – a year that will forever change Everett in directions that, heretofore, could not be predicted at the moment.

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