DiDomenico Secures $75K for Everett Public Schools Youth Caseworker

Sen, Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) recently announced that his amendment providing $75,000 for a youth caseworker in the Everett Public Schools was included in the final Fiscal Year 2019 budget. As Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate, DiDomenico was able to secure a number of amendments for his district in the Senate version of the budget, including this $75K for the Everett Public Schools. After filing this amendment in the Senate version of the budget, he worked to advocate for it’s inclusion in the final version of the budget.

“I am thrilled that this funding for the Everett Public Schools was included in the FY 2019 budget,” said Sen. DiDomenico. “I am confident that these resources for a youth caseworker will continue the great work being done each day by our administrators and teachers who foster an emotionally supportive school environment, ensure safe spaces in our schools, and help to promote the academic performance of our students. I am proud to support the Everett Public School system in all their endeavors, and I know that this funding will continue the good work of promoting the well-being and success of our students.”

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