Food Truck Welcomed as Part of Demaria’s Healthy Choices

To continue the momentum of the citywide healthy eating initiative, started by the DeMaria administration, on Monday, July 30 the City welcomed a Fresh food truck to the community. The addition of the Fresh Truck is another example of how the Mayor has remained committed to bringing more health and wellness opportunities to the people of Everett.Ê

Opportunities that include the healthy meals program, “Kids in the Kitchen” Workshop, nutrition consultation, fitness challenges with segments of healthy eating, and an upgraded healthy meals program for senior citizens.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “I am pleased to hear about the continued growth of the healthy eating initiative. This program is extremely important to me as it offers residents with options to improve their health. We are so fortunate to have a community that are both upbeat and active and we need to continue to make available to them all the best resources possible.”

During the last two years, Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his wife, Stacy, have promoted healthy living and eating and have encouraged all residents to do so. Under their leadership, the City and community organizations have established community gardens and urban farms.

Similar to the community gardens and urban farm, the Fresh Truck provided residents with access to fresh and affordable food. The truck carried over 30 different types of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain products.

The healthy eating initiative has become a major asset to the community. Employees, residents, and others invested in Everett, now have access to the tools needed to live healthy and nourishing lives.

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