Encore Boston Harbor Buys Up More Off-Site Properties on Lower Broadway

The Wynn Resorts company has purchased two more properties off-site on Lower Broadway, and lowered the boom on the old Freightliner building that abutted Bow Street for many years.

The most recent acquisitions off site came on Robin Street and Bow Street.

Wynn Resorts – the parent company of Encore Boston Harbor – made two property purchases this month, including a $3.375 million of a 15,000 sq. ft. auto storage warehouse on 14 Robin St. last week.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Wynn Resorts purchased a home from Lynnette Turner at 61 Bow St. for $925,000. The home fronts the Bow Street Park on Lower Broadway and is adjacent to Massone’s Auto Body.

Last month, the Independent reported that Ciro’s Auto Body at 105 Broadway had been purchased for $4.25 million. A sign outside of the building announced its closing and thanked its customers for many years of business.

Some time ago, Wynn Resorts purchased DB National Company at 38 Robin St. in order to relocate the business and demolish the property.

After 32 years on Lower Broadway, that company has successfully moved its operations from Lower Broadway to 90 Tremont St. after a June 11 meeting of the Zoning Board. There will be no retail sales and no weekend sales, but only wholesale operations on weekdays.

Councilor Michael McLaughlin, who represents Tremont Street and the other side of Lower Broadway, said he supported the relocation due to the Wynn purchase.

“DB National is strictly a wholesale warehouse supply company for latex paint and there are no hazardous materials stored or generated by them,” he said. “They do not do any vehicle repair and they plan on bringing the Tremont Street building up to compliance for use. I am proud that, with the support of the ZBA, we have been able to keep a long-time business in the community by relocating them to Ward Six. I fully support this business and look forward to a continuing strong relationship between myself and the business owner.”

Finally, the long-time Boston Freightliner building on the apex of Lower Broadway and Bow Street has been demolished – leaving a great deal of open space where there was once nothing but industry. Boston Freightliner has opened up a relocated business in the last few months in the RiverGreen district at the old GE site on Air Force Road.

The recent purchases and demolitions have left the landscape on Lower Broadway – particularly on the eastern side – nearly unrecognizable. At the moment, the property is vacant and used for parking.

Wynn Resorts has made no comment on what it will be in the future, and have said candidly that they have no specific plans right now as they work to complete the main resort site.


Cutline –

The old Boston Freightliner building on Lower Broadway – pictured here earlier this spring – is now long gone, having been demolished by Encore Boston Harbor as part of their off-site property purchase plan. Much of Lower Broadway on the opposite side of the casino is nearly unrecognizable from what it was only a few short years ago. Wynn Resorts has continued to make off-site purchases this month.

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