Revolution Ax Meets Informally with Licensing Board

Two of the owners of Revolution Ax and their attorney met this week with the Everett Licensing Board for a third time to informally discuss the business concept and the parameters for an application for a liquor license within the recreational ax throwing establishment.

The meeting began with attorney Andrew Delorey explaining that his clients simply want the opportunity to bring a new kind of business to the Fermentation District and do so in a responsible way.

However, Chairman Phil Antonelli and his fellow board members reiterated for the owners that their primary concern is the safety of those in the establishment.

“You have to understand, an axe is a weapon,” noted Antonelli.

Attorney Delorey agreed with the board and assured them, “When we bring our proposal in for you to review, we will address all of your concerns. If I am not 100-percent satisfied that public safety is taken care of, then we won’t propose it.”

Despite noting their concerns for the owners and their attorney, Antonelli and the board also did assure the group; that they are “pro-business” and want the fledgling company to succeed in Everett.

“If I had to guess right now, would I say that you will get your license?,” asked Antonelli rhetorically. “Probably, but we still have to see that safety is being taken into consideration.”

Delorey said the company will file its application for a beer and wine license with the Board of License Commissioners in time to be on the agenda for the June meeting, with the hope that they will be able to get the license and open later this year.

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