Bone Up Brewery Preparing to Expand Operations

The Bone Up Brewery has yet to be open two years on Norman Street, but owners Jared and Liz Kiraly have already signed a new long-term lease on their Norman Street space and will expand in size this summer.

The new space will nearly double the tap room and production space, which is currently being built out and permitted right now. Already, the duo has made a visit to the Licensing Board and has received the change to their pouring license.

Now, it’s time to concentrate on the expansion.

“It can get really crowded in the tap room and we particularly can feel the pinch on Saturdays when we are at our busiest,” said Liz. “We wanted to expand for a little while, but there were tenants next to us. So, when their space became available, we began talking to the landlord in early March. We tore up our old lease and signed a new five-year lease for our current space and the new space. We’re not going anywhere.”

Jared said the existing tap room seats about 32, and the new space will add between 40 and 50 new seats on high-top tables, a new (second) bar area and places for larger groups.

It will also really expand their production area, give them a barrel-aging room and some office space.

“We were ready to expand,” he said. “It’s going to give us more seating for larger groups and some more production space. We’ve grown quite a lot since we started here. It’s crowded in the tap room, but it’s two times as crowded on the production side.”

One thing that won’t change is the layout of the old tap room.

The Kiralys said they want to keep the cozy vibe that has taken shape there. So, they will simply be widening the existing doorway and having it empty into the newer space.

“We love what we have going on there in the original space so we don’t want to change that and potentially ruin it,” said Liz. “So we’re going to build out another new and fun room that people can go back and forth between.”

The expansion will also result in an expansion of the patio outside during the warmer months.

“The space is coming along, but we have a little way to go,” said Liz. “It’s definitely worth the wait. Everyone will be able to help us celebrate two years in our new space.”

The new space should be rolled out in mid-July.

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