Everett Health and Wellness Center Offers Cutting Edge Equipment for Children

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has remained committed when it comes to providing the best and innovative ways in keeping the youth of Everett active and healthy. The Everett Health and Wellness Center recently purchased new Kidsfit Equipment designed specifically for children ages 5-14.

Kidsfit Equipment is the leading manufacture of children’s fitness equipment in the United States. This equipment helps to meet the exercise needs for the children of Everett. The DeMaria administration added the cutting edge equipment at the Health and Wellness Center to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The equipment offers children creative, fun and modern ways to exercise and they include; recumbent bikes, snowboarders, skiers, starwalkers, cross country skiers, treadmills and much more.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “We wanted to teach kids the fundamentals of basic exercise in a unique way. Kidsfit equipment allows the children to acquire ways to have fun, while also staying fit and how to easily incorporate physical activity into their everyday routine. Once we teach kids healthy habits they can practice those for the rest of their lives.”

By providing this equipment, the Mayor and the Health and Wellness staff have helped change the future for Everett youth by increasing their health, wellness, and education through active movement.

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