D’Onofrio Elected Chair of School Committee

By Seth Daniel

The Everett School Committee elected Berard ‘Bernie’ D’Onofrio as the new chair of the Committee by a 7-0 vote in a short meeting following the Inaugural ceremonies on Tuesday night, Jan. 2.

Member Lester MacLaughlin was elected vice chair in a 7-0 vote, and Supt. Fred Foresteire was elected secretary by a 7-0 vote as well.

D’Onofrio said he has been pleased to serve on the Committee, and noted that it has been a tough year for him in losing his mother and father.

“We have a great nucleus,” he said of the Committee. “These guys are the best. We have also lost two members, Bob Carreiro and Richard Baniewicz. Bob was the comedian up here for me. Those two guys are irreplaceable. I miss them…Mr. Foresteire, you have been so good to my family. Certainly you are the greatest superintendent in Massachusetts.”

MacLaughlin said he was proud to work with the current group, and noted that in all his years on the Board, this has been the best group to work with.

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