DeMaria Joins Bloomberg Mayors Challenge to Improve Quality of Life for Everett Residents

On Thursday, September 7, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, members of his administration, and non-profit organizations participated in the 2017 Mayors Challenge sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Bloomberg will announce Mayors Challenge winners in October 2018 after several intensive workshops. The grand prizewinner will be awarded $5 million and four cities will each win $1 million to bring their ideas to life.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “As government officials it is our responsibility to endorse and create change within our communities. We are in a unique position to positively affect the lives of our residents. The Mayors Challenge has encouraged my administration to continue to be more responsive and creative as we face certain challenges. Through this program we will be able to offer our residents with new bold ideas that will enhance the quality of life for Everett residents.”

The Mayor’s Challenge is designed to help municipalities and mayors deliver results and improve life for their residents. The Mayors Challenge touches millions of lives – from the citizens who are affected by bold new innovations, to the hundreds of city leaders who use new strategies and tools to better meet the needs of their residents. Participating cities are advancing their bold ideas, improving the way their governments work and the quality of life in their communities.

Everett is 1 of 300 cities that signed up for the challenge and was offered a one- day Accelerator workshop, which was designed to help city leaders strengthen idea development by drawing up

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