Six Candidates Emerge for City Clerk Position,Council to Meet Aug 3 for Deciding Vote

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Everett City Council may not be holding any regular business meeting during July and the first half of August, but they are wasting no time in trying to identify a new City Clerk.

After advertising the position in late June, the application period closed on Monday, July 17, and the first round of interviews has already been scheduled for Monday, July 24, beginning at 6 p.m.

The complete list of applicants was not made public on Monday, as the members of the City Council Legislative Affairs Committee had not yet been provided with the name and the first round of interviews is expected to take place in Executive Session.

According to City Council staff, the Legislative Affairs Committee of the City Council will interview the six candidates and select a finalist candidate or candidates to move forward to the full council.

The Council is already scheduled to meet on Thursday, August 3, to vote on appointing a new City Clerk. Whether that meeting includes a second round of interviews or simply a vote on a recommendation of the committee, seems to depend on how the committee proceeds next week.

Assistant City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, who was appointed by the Council to be the Acting City Clerk during the search process is known to be a candidate for the permanent position, which would come with a five-year term under the provisions of the new City Charter.

Daniel Auger, a one-time staff member of former New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has also been reported as an applicant, but that was not confirmed by the City Council staff on Monday.

The Legislative Affairs Committee, which is tasked with reviewing and interviewing the applicants for the job, is chaired by longtime City Clerk and former Mayor John Hanlon. Joining Hanlon on the committee are Peter Napolitano, Michael McLaughlin and Cynthia Sarnie.

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