Congratulations and Thank You, Michael Matarazzo

We congratulate City Clerk Michael Matarazzo on his retirement and thank him for his many years of outstanding service to the residents of Everett.

Matarazzo was a true professional in his important job and understood that the City Clerk’s office was often the first place that an Everett resident had an interaction with a person at City Hall. Matarazzo prided himself on his office’s professionalism, cordiality, and productiveness in responding to a resident’s request for a record, license, or information related to other departments.

Michael is a familiar face to so many people in this city following his many years as a member of the Common Council and his work as an assistant city clerk. That experience prepared him well for his role as city clerk and he excelled at it.

Many residents recall the huge influence Michael had on the players whom he coached in the local sports leagues and his strong support of the vaunted Everett High football program in which his son, Michael, excelled. He was a proud graduate of Everett High School and a regular attendee at all ‘E’ Club functions through the years.

Matarazzo always provided a wealth of information about the city’s history to residents wanting to learn more about Everett and helped guide potential office holders though the electoral process. He was so helpful when Everett made the monumental decision to change from a bicameral form of government – 11 common councilors and 7 aldermen – to a single, 11-member City Council. Everett was the last city in the nation to have a bicameral government and Michael joined with the city charter committee in navigating all of us through that transition to a City Council form of government.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria recognized the valuable contributions that Michael Matarazzo made to Everett and the high regard in which he was held by city employees. “He was a friend, colleague, and mentor of mine,” said DeMaria. “His dedication to the city has been an inspiration to all. I want to wish him well on his retirement and future endeavors.”

We join Mayor DeMaria and all of Everett in wishing Michael Matarazzo continued health and happiness and expressed our gratitude again for his impressive record of public service in our city.

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