Work Has Started in Lower Broadway Business Relocation

The side project by Wynn Boston Harbor of relocating existing Lower Broadway businesses to the former RiverGreen site next to 7-Acre Park has begun construction.

Work is underway currently at the former RiverGreen site near 7 Acre Park. The project is a relocation of the Freightliner company on Lower Broadway, a relocation project of the business being done by Wynn Boston Harbor.

Chris Gordon, president of Wynn Massachusetts Design and Development, said crews have started site work and are driving piles for the new Freightliner facility.

Boston Freightliner on Lower Broadway was one of the first major businesses on the stretch abutting Wynn Boston Harbor to jump at the opportunity last year to locate to the RiverGreen site in a new facility. Wynn has apparently offered such an arrangement to other businesses as well.

Gordon said they believe that construction on Freightliner will conclude at the end of 2017, with the company opening its new facility in the first part of 2018.

Wynn has not indicated what it plans to do with the parcel – as well as other parcels – once it becomes vacant.

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