On Line:Wynn Boston Harbor Launches Social Media Sites after Long Wait

By Seth Daniel

As the Wynn Boston Harbor project in Everett wound its way through the licensing process, the appeals, the permitting and the early construction phases, people often would often scan their phones or computers for a social media site to get the latest information from the company.

But those searches were often fruitless.

While users might pull up Wynn accounts from Las Vegas, and a few local sites such as Everett United’s ‘A Wynn for All’ sites, there was nothing official.

Most believed they were making a mistake, but there was no mistake.

Wynn Boston Harbor has never had any social media sites until now – launching official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram sites last week.

“We’ve even had questions about it quite a bit,” said Greg John, a spokesman for Wynn Boston Harbor. “A lot of people have even asked us where is our Facebook and Twitter. They want to know when it will come out. The answer is that we wanted to wait so that we did it right. It’s about two years away now from when we will open and we wanted to roll it out now with that in mind. We want to be on the leading edge of social media. We want our accounts to have good information, timely information and be good for people who follow us.

“Social media is a very important part of our outreach to the public,” he continued. “We will really, really be stressing social media to engage with people and have two-way conversations with them.”

Already the Twitter handle has been active, chronicling the governor’s visit to the site last Thursday afternoon.

Right now, the social media sites are pushing Red Card loyalty sign ups and sweepstakes equally with some information on construction milestones.

John said, for example, they have Red Card sweepstakes going now for tickets on the Fan Pier to Sail Boston. They are also promoting a sweepstakes for a Las Vegas trip to meet and greet Mel Brooks. It includes airfare, a suite, front row tickets and an opportunity to meet Brooks.

That said, in the future, John said they will be using it to roll out news as construction winds down.

“People shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the announcements are made on social media before the press,” he said. “We’ll be putting a lot more content on there as we get closer and closer to opening.”

Once open, the accounts will be used to promote events and specials in the restaurants – as well as convey information about the resort.

He added that the social media technology will piggyback on an overall cutting edge technology and digital plan for the resort itself.

“We are thinking of things that are well beyond the norm of just booking a hotel room online,” he said.

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