New Energy Efficient Parking Kiosks Set to Begin

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce that the City’s new parking kiosks with smart meter technology went live on Tuesday, May 30th. During this initial kick-off, the pay stations will accept payment for parking throughout Everett Square. Below is a map that highlights the selected areas of kiosks locations.

Mayor DeMaria said, “These new parking kiosks will improve the look of our streets by reducing the amount of meters and replacing them with just a few kiosks. They will also be much more convenient to residents by allowing them to pay with credit card or coins, and allow the city to efficiently manage parking.

Marjorie White, President of the Chamber of Commerce, stated “The pay station will be easy to use, fit the cityscape, and will enhance the shopping and dining experience in Everett Square benefitting our small business community.”

The new kiosks will operate in Pay-by-Plate mode, meaning the public enters their license plate number into the kiosk, then pay for the amount of time they want using coins or a credit card, providing drivers with sufficient time visiting shops and restaurants.

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