Time to Pull Papers: Nominating Period for City Elected Offices is Open

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr. and Seth Daniel

The official nominating period for local elected offices opened on Monday, May 1, and residents interested in running for a seat on the City Council, School Committee or for Mayor are welcome to pull nominating papers and return them by July 24.

So far, activity in the office has been measured.

The new city Charter has reduced the number of elective offices in the city, but in the past that has resulted in more competition and candidates for those seats.

So far, no one has taken out papers for mayor, though Mayor Carlo DeMaria is certainly expected to run again.

For councilor at-large, as of Tuesday morning, only five had taken out papers, including:

  • Councilor Wayne Matewsky
  • Councilor Cynthia Sarnie
  • Joe LaMonica (Warren Street)
  • Councilor Richard Dell Isola
  • Councilor Peter Napolitano

No one had pulled papers yet in Ward 1 Council, but Ward 2 looks like it will be a crowded field. Councilor Stephen Simonelli has pulled papers, and newcomer Lucas Rosa of Reed Avenue has pulled papers. In addition, Stephanie Martins is expected to run for Ward 2 and has already had a campaign kick-off event.

In the other wards, only incumbents had pulled papers, including Council President Anthony DiPierro (Ward 3), Councilor John Leo McKinnon (Ward 4), Councilor Rosa DiFlorio (Ward 5), and Councilor Michael McLaughlin (Ward 6).

For School Committee, by Tuesday morning, those taking out papers were Bernie D’Onofrio, Alan Panarese, Joe LaMonica (Lawrence Street), Frank Parker Jr. and Thomas Abruzzese. No one had pulled papers yet for Ward 4 and 5 School Committee.

Nominating papers are now available through the city’s new Election Commission office at City Hall, in room 34 at 484 Broadway. The papers can also be downloaded from the Election Commission website and certified when returned to City Hall.

Below is a list of the open elected positions, along with the required number of signatures needed for nomination in each election. Questions about the nominating process can be answered by Election Commission Executive Director Maureen DiPierro.

Mayor – 500 signatures needed, with at least 25 in each ward.

At-Large City Councilor – 250 signatures needed.

Ward City Councilor – 250 signatures needed.

At-Large School Committee member, 250 signatures needed.

Ward School Committee member – 250 signatures needed.

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