Police Arrest Five at Violent Melee in Chuck-E-Cheese

Five adults in the Everett Chuck-E-Cheese allegedly brought in alcohol to the children’s entertainment facility and then fought police trying to remove them in their inebriated state, nearly causing a riot in full view of many kids.

Everett Chief of Police Steven A. Mazzie announced the arrest of five individuals following a disturbance that occurred at Chuck-E-Cheese on Saturday, Dec. 17. None of those arrested were from Everett.

On Sat., Dec. 17, Ptl. Paul Mazzie assigned to patrol the Gateway Mall and Shopping Center and Ptl. Raoul Goncalves, working a paid police detail, were informed of adults consuming prohibited alcoholic beverages at the Chuck-E-Cheese.

This occurred in an area frequented by children.

The male suspect became belligerent with the officers along with several other patrons who were apparently consuming alcoholic beverages in the establishment. He was taken into custody, but other patrons began inciting the crowd who turned hostile against the responding officers. Several patrons began punching and kicking the responding officers and additional units were summoned from Everett, Medford Police and the Massachusetts State Police.

After order was restored, the Everett Police Department arrested five individuals.

  • Samuel Ramos, 33 of Dorchester, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Interfering with Police.
  • Pedro Abreu, 53, of Chelsea, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon. He also was arrested on six outstanding warrants.
  • Jose Rosado-Cruz, 30, of East Boston, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. •Emily Joyce Emerson, 22, of Lynn, was charged with two counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and being a Disorderly Person. •Yoselin Enid Rosado, 33, of Roxbury, was charged with Disorderly Person and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

Chief Mazzie said: “It’s extremely disappointing to see adults behave in this manner in an establishment that is designed for young family fun. I’m thankful that our officers were able to restore order in a quick manner and were able to hold those responsible for the disturbance accountable for their actions.”

All suspects were arraigned in Malden District Court on Monday, December 19.

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