Everett Football, Simply Amazing…

The Everett High football team’s 21-7 conquest of Xaverian Saturday in the Division 1 Super Bowl at Manning Field in Lynn marked yet another milestone achievement for the Crimson Tide under head coach John DiBiaso.

Whereas most schools are fortunate if they win even one state championship in a generation, Saturday’s victory marked the 11th Super Bowl crown during the era of coach DiBiaso.

A tremendous crowd of Crimson Tide fans packed the Everett bleachers, showing the great support from the high school student body, faculty, alumni, and community.

John DiBiaso, who is already an inductee in the State Coaches Hall of Fame, is arguably the greatest head football coach in state history. Everett football players are fortunate to have this humble man affecting their lives in such a positive way not only on the field, but also helping them to excel off the field.

Everett Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire also has been instrumental in the success of the Everett High football program that has sent so many of its student-athletes on to play college football.  The huge success of the annual Homecoming Game is just one illustration of what makes Everett football so special.

What impressed us even more than Everett’s excellent level of play on the field was the team’s outstanding display of sportsmanship throughout the contest, a trait that coach DiBiaso instills in his players. Every member of the Crimson Tide who took to the gridiron Saturday was a credit to himself, his family, his community, and his school.

It is at moments such as these that the famous words of General Douglas MacArthur, when he was the Superintendent of West Point, come to mind in describing the value of athletic competition for young men and women: “On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds of what on other days, on other fields will bear the fruits of victory.”

No doubt, the upcoming EHS football banquet will be an event to remember, sure to be highlighted by the remarks of Supt. Foresteire, coach DiBiaso, and the players.

We know we join with the entire Everett community in congratulating our Everett High football team for a great victory that reflects so well on our city.

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