EHA Dedicates Conference Room in Honor of James Camerario

On Monday, September 26 Mayor Carlo DeMaria joined Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative Joseph McGonagle, Executive Director of the Everett Housing Authority, Bob Carreiro, and the Camerario family to dedicate the Everett Housing Authority conference room to James Camerario.

James was a war hero and a man who dedicated his life to public service. He served his country, his state and his local community. Just here in Everett, he served the City for over 70 years. He served as Chairman of the Board of Appeals, Chairman of the Everett Registrars of Voters, and was the Commissioner of the Everett Housing Authority for 15 years.

“James was and still is the definition of a public servant,” states Mayor DeMaria, “I want to thank everyone who attended for recognizing his legacy and honoring it.”

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