Letter to the Editor


Since I missed the last Councillors meeting of the year of 2015, and because I had the opportunity at that time to give a farewell statement to to Citizens of Everett, I thought it might be appropriate to make my prepared farewell statement though a Letter to the Editor.

I would like yo say at this time, that I felt privileged and honored to serve the citizens of Everett for a period of eight years, six years as your Alderman and two years as your Councillor. It was also an honor to be elected by the Board of Alderman as President of the Board.

I have made many friends in those eight years and have received many accolades from citizens and fellow politicians that I served with. In those eight years, as in my life, I have always made sure that i did nothing that would discredit me, my family, friends and all Everett citizens. My main objective in this endeavor, has been to serve honorably, and carefully watch our Tax Monies that were being spent and should be spent, but wisely!

We watch TV, read the newspapers and listen to the radio, and we understand, in order to win against  an opponent who has the blessings of powerful politicians, you also must have the backing of politicians and the endurance to campaign. I had the blessings of other politicians, but not the stamina nor the money.

I would not give up the honest fight and but I lost the election. I thank all that stood by me through my illnesses, and I apologize to those who supported me.

I tell you now, I will stay involved in our City as long as I am able in one capacity or another, because I care for the city of Everett

Sal Sachetta



Appreciation in 2016

The year 2016 is upon us. What an exciting year we can make it! Now many of us will have new resolutions that we envision that we want to come true. Many of us will continue what we do every year: reflect and do nothing. However, I hope many of us here in Everett will remember the importance of giving back to our diverse community. This is an action, which is not about observation or talking. An action in which we can do something that is outside our comfort zone and reach out to a person or a group of people who needs our help. With some people going through foreclosures, losing loved ones or financially unstable, I am hoping people will step up and see what they can personally help or solve to make Everett a better place.

I realized servant leadership was engrained in me at a young age. I have always enjoyed making a person smile or even better, laugh, to realize how amazing life is. My parents have taught me the principle, “When you have two, please split it evenly amongst everyone.” This is why every year on my birthday, I give back in some way to help others who may have been forgotten or are less fortunate. This year, I wanted to help our seasoned and wiser community members by showing appreciation and to let them know thank you. Sometimes, we are very busy that we forget that our grandparents or great aunts / uncles, brothers or sisters need a little time of appreciation. For the holidays, I was able to help put a few more smiles. The Holiday Appreciation Dinner, I hosted, for the seniors was an excellent success. My Grandparents and Godmother would have been very proud. Once more, with the New Year here, let us not forget about our family members, friends, neighbors or strangers who need to know we appreciate them. Happy New Year! – Gerly Adrien

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