Wynn Everett and Labor Representatives Discuss ‘Building Pathways’ Program

On Tuesday December 12, Everett residents packed the Keverian Room at Everett City Hall to listen to Wynn Everett officials and local labor representatives discuss “Building Pathways”, a new job training and recruitment program.

Building Pathways is a 6-week program that prepares qualified applicants for an apprenticeship in the building trades – setting participants on the pathway towards a rewarding career in construction.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria said, “My top priority is to ensure that Everett residents have the opportunity to succeed, have a career and raise a family right here in Everett.  Wynn/Everett can be that opportunity. I hope our residents will take advantage of it.“

Held for the first time at Everett City Hall, Building Pathways focuses on recruiting applicants from Everett and surrounding neighborhoods.   The information session held last week represents Mayor DeMaria’s priority to fill the estimated 4,000 union construction jobs with as many local residents as possible and Wynn Everett’s commitment to giving Everett residents preference for these opportunities.

Bob DeSalvo, President of  Wynn Everett said “Some may think that joining the union is a complicated process or they don’t know what trade would be best for them. That’s why we teamed with the union trades to create this event. With 4,000 construction jobs required to build Wynn Everett, there’s a job for nearly every local resident who wants one. We want as many local residents as possible to help build the $1.7 billion Wynn Everett resort and start a lifelong and lucrative union career.”

 For Everett residents interested in working in the building trades, additional Building Pathways information sessions will take place the first week of January. For more information, please contact Tyrone Kindell Jr.  617 282-2242 or Azell Martin 617-988-4091

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