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In Response to Ward Six City Councilor Sal Sachetta’s Misleading Letter to the Editor

It perplexes me to have read a letter to the editor in last week’s newspapers regarding the Ward Six City Council race. Let me start off by saying that both candidates are respectable gentlemen who care about Everett.  This being said, they are two different candidates. Early on, I got involved with the foundation of Everett United.  One of the two Ward Six candidates was at the table, and that was Michael McLaughlin.

In his letter to the editor, Councilor Sal Sachetta stated that he has been a Councilor and Alderman for the past eight years.  What he continuously forgets to mention is any sort of accomplishments in that time of service.  He only talks about himself on a personal level and his family’s commitments to our city.  This is different than his challengers’ open-minded and proven record of standing up for Everett.

Councilor Sachetta states his record shows he has been involved with the Wynn project from day one, which is ironic, because no one from Everett United has seen him at any events, rallies, press conferences, or working towards the passing of two ballot initiatives.  As a matter of fact, I recall the first statement Council Sachetta ever made regarding this project on Fox 25 News. He stated that there was no chance Everett could overcome the strength of Boston and the Suffolk Downs project.

Councilor Sachetta again states that he has voted on every proposal and ordinance that came before our elective body.  Just so the public understands, this was his job as our elected City Councilor and one should not take a badge of courage to perform their job.

Councillor Sachetta refers to Wynn’s (which is really Everett United’s) headquarters having started in the Sachetta building.  This statement is true.  Although, the Sachetta family certainly did not provide the space as a donation.  And, as a matter of fact, charged top dollar for the office space.  And the facts are that Everett United did not move out of that building because of land that was purchased. They moved due to the fact that Everett United did their job to completion and was duly dismantled.

Councilor Sachetta states his niece Sandra Juliano was the first president of United We Stand, which shows his out-of-touch approach because everyone knows it was called Everett United.  Nevertheless, his brother Jim and niece did play a crucial part in the development.  However, you cannot make the comparison that just because his family was involved means that he was.  This would be like saying my son Vincent Ragucci III served as a City Councilor from Ward Six, so could I say I was a City Councilor merely by association.

I applaud Councilor Sachetta for reminiscing the old days of Monsanto Chemical, but we need leaders who will move Everett into the future and not keep it in neutral.  And that leader is former Ward Six Councilor and Candidate Michael McLaughlin.  Not because his family is long-standing in the city and great members of the community, but because his qualifications and work commitment clearly reflect his ability to do the job as our City Councilor.

Councilor Sachetta stated that he did not need to stand on corners to make Everett better.  That is a complete insult to the hundreds of Everett residents who came together as volunteers and worked tirelessly to pass two ballot questions in which Michael McLaughlin played a leading role.  Just for the record, if we did not pass these two ballot questions, Councilor Sachetta would have had zero proposals or items to vote on regarding this project in his regular City Council meetings and would have had zero percent involvement with this $1.7 billion development.

On Election Day, we have two good quality candidates running for Ward Six, who have both contributed to our community.  But, in my opinion, one represents the past and the other represents the future. This is why my family will be voting for Michael McLaughlin.

Vincent Ragucci II

Clark Street, Everett

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