Nov Ballot Positions Announced

The ballot for the City of Everett General Election on November 3, 2015 is now set, with City Clerk Michael Matarazzo drawing the ballot positions randomly last Thursday evening, September 24 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

For those who are superstitious about ballot position, or feel that ballot position can help or hurt a campaign, something of a coincidence developed when nearly all of the challengers in the City Council races earned top ballot positions in their races, with most incumbents being listed second in the Ward Council Races and four of the Incumbent At-Large Councilors taking the sixth through ninth spots in the At-Large section of the ballot.

In the City Council Ward One race, challenger Kenneth Giannelli of Bow Street will be listed first ahead of Incumbent Fred Capone.

In Ward Two, former Common Councilor Jason Marcus will be listed first ahead of Incumbent Ward 2 Councilor Stephen Simonelli.

In Ward Three, Incumbent Michael Marchese got the top spot in that race, and challenger Anthony DiPierro.

Carmine DeMaria, a cousin of the Mayor, got the top ballot position in his race to unseat popular Incumbent Ward Four Councilor John Leo McKinnon.

In Ward Five, Joseph Pierotti Jr. of Belmont Park will get the top spot in his race against Incumbent Councilor Rosa DiFlorio and in Ward Six former Common Councilor Michael McLaughlin drew the top  spot in his race against Incumbent Councilor Salvatore Sachetta.

There are ten candidates for the five At-Large Council seats, including all five incumbents. The candidates will be listed in the following order on the ballot: Wayne Matewsky; Daniel Skeritt; Catherine Tomassi Hicks; Incumbent Michael Mangan; Joseph Paul Marchese; Incumbent Richard Dell Isola; Incumbent Cynthia Sarnie; Incumbent Peter Napolitano; Incumbent John Hanlon; and Leo J. Barrett.

All nine members of the School Committee are running unopposed for re-election.

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