EPD Investigating Shooting on Prospect Street

Everett police are continuing to investigate a shooting on Prospect Street early Saturday evening, but despite several witnesses, police were no closer to determining a suspect as of Monday.

According to reports, the incident began in the early evening hours of Saturday August 29.

Munib Sarjalic an Everett resident, was returning home from work when he saw a man pointing a gun at him. When the man started shooting, Sarjalic began pressing on the horn of his car scaring off the shooter and setting into motion a manhunt for the young suspect. Sanjarlic escaped the encounter without

According to police, the man was described by witnesses as a young, adult black man, but no other information was available.

Police officers from Chelsea and Malden joined with Everett police an State Police officers in canvassing the neighborhood for the suspect but he could not be found. Everett police cleared the crime scene at around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Police said this week that they have not been able to determine a motive for the shooting, but stopped short of declaring it a random act.

Sarjalic told police, and TV reporters who were at the scene, that he has no idea who would want to harm him despite the evidence of two bullet holes in his car.

“I have been living here 19 years and never have problem,” said Sanjarlic.

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