Can the Drug Epidemic be Stopped?

A heroin epidemic is running rapid  throughout every neighborhood in the City of Boston. It’s cheap enough and readily available at the drop of a hat.

While police are faced with a monumental task of taking drugs off the streets their efforts continue because most of the time the usual suspects are released by the courts and place on some sort of rehabilitation treatment program which they probably just ignore and find themselves with their sleeves rolled up with a needle in the arm again and again.

These needles are discarded in public places where they pose a danger of someone being stuck by them inadvertently creating the possibility of catching hepatitis C or aids.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has created a needle retrieving program at all public spaces. Other cities and towns need to follow suit.

The was a time when the belief of this problem was in the shadows or behind closed doors. Not so it’s right out in the open.

Drug use breeds crime, violence, health problems and death. There seems to be no real solution (s) to stop what has become an uncontrollable major problem.

The current way of handling this overwhelming problem doesn’t work the way it should because of the huge ongoing demand and supply of drugs.

There appears to be no answers to resolve the drug problem but the effort needs to continue. It’s not going to be an easy task.

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