Enjoy a Safe Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend marks the traditional start of the summer season, bringing with it the anticipation of sunshine and warmth, of vacations, and of time spent with family and friends.

So we ask our readers to stop right now — and think for a moment — about all of the good things that we hope will be happening in our lives and the lives of our loved ones for the next three months.

And now think for a moment about how quickly all of that can dissolve in the blink of an eye if we make wrong choices — if we drink and drive a car or boat, if we abuse drugs, or if we use fireworks or other dangerous materials.

Tragedy can descend upon any of us in a heartbeat if we are not always vigilant to be safe, not only as to ourselves, but also as to those whom we love and hold dear.

It is inevitable that the TV and newspapers will inform us of the hundreds of tragedies that will occur this holiday weekend because of poor choices made by our fellow Americans. It is up to each of us to ensure that we do not become just another sad statistic.

We wish all of our readers a happy Memorial Day — but please do so safely.

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