Hundreds Turn Out for May Day Rally at Glendale Park

Hundreds of activists and protestors from Everett, East Boston, Chelsea and beyond descended upon Glendale Park Friday evening for a May Day Rally as part of International Workers Day.

Organized through a partnership with Eastie and Chelsea, Everett was called on this year to host the concluding rally at Glendale Park. Hundreds of marchers representing most every cause under the sun paraded up Ferry Street from Chelsea around 5:30 p.m. Once in Glendale Park, they joined a hundred or more protesters from Everett, Malden and Revere to demand fair wages and justice for workers.

“We pray for the workers of today,” said the Rev. Myrlande Desrosiers of the Everett Haitian Community Center. “We pray for the workers of the past and that their children would not be the oppressors of today’s workers. We pray for the immigrants and workers today and that their children will not oppress workers in the future.”

The lively rally was led by Antonio Amaya, director of La Communidad Inc. of Everett. In English and Spanish, he call for an end to the oppression of workers in the area, and specifically made a call for $15 minimum wage – a rallying cry at all the stops in the rally on Friday.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria was on hand to welcome the protestors to Everett, saying he was the son of immigrants from Italy who worked hard under difficult conditions.

“I am the son of immigrants; I’m a first generation American,” he said. “I understand that experience. I grew up with four people sleeping in a room. I know the struggles. I remember. I support all of you and my door is open. If there’s anything the mayor of Everett can do for you, I am willing to listen and my door is open.”

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico said he stands with the workers who were on hand, and pledged to represent their interests on Beacon Hill.

“There is an assault on unions and workers in this state and we will fight with you against that,” he said.

The rally, however, was highlighted by the appearance of state AFL-CIO President Steve Tolman.

“We want you to know your struggle is our struggle,” he said to the crowd amidst loud applause. “We promise to stand and fight with you for a fair wage of $15 and hour. If we stand together; we win together.”

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