Police Briefs 08-06-2014

Police arrest suspect after firearm shown

Thomas Paul Bois, 30, of Dorchester was arrested by Everett police on July 15, on charges of armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and breaking and entering a motor vehicle, shortly after a victim reported being held up by a man carrying a firearm on Revere Beach Parkway.

After a description of the suspect in the case was broadcast to officers, an Everett patrol officer in the area of the reported crime identified a man fitting the description entering a convenience store a short distance away.

Three officers and a detective entered the store and ordered the suspect to lie down on the floor, at which point he complied and told officers that he was carrying a firearm. A positive identification of the suspect was made by the victim, who had initially reported the crime and Bois was placed under arrest.

Bois was arraigned on the charges the following day, July 16, in Malden District Court.

Medford man arrested in criminal drug charges during traffic stop

A 21-year old Medford man, Michael Treadwell, was charged with possession of a class D substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute and motor vehicle charges, following a routine traffic stop on July 21 in Everett.

According to the officers’ report of the incident, Treadwell was stopped by officers after they observed a motor vehicle violation of the car he was driving. The officers asked for and were granted permission to search the vehicle by (Treadwell) and during that search they found a backpack that contained three plastic bags of marijuana, a digital scale, cellphones and a large sum of money.

“Our officers are trained to look beyond the scope of an initial motor vehicle traffic violation, for any indications of other criminal activity,” explained Police Chief Steven Mazzie. “Our police department will continue to keep our streets safe for all people, by arresting those who deal drugs in our city.”

Treadwell was arraigned in Malden District Court on July 21.

All suspects arrested by the Everett Police Department are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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