DA Ryan Visits Everett High School

E1Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan recently visited Everett High School, where she
touted the district and the city for bringing the number of significant youth crimes to a minimum.
“We’ve long had a great working relationship with the DA’s office,” said Superintendent of
Schools Frederick F. Foresteire. “Sharing information and maintaining open lines of communication
are two of the most important aspects in addressing and preventing crimes among youth.
DA Ryan understands this, and we look forward to working with her in the future.” Seated, from
left: Aliya Khalidi, Assistant District Attorney; Denise Hanlon, Principal; Marian Ryan, Middlesex
District Attorney; Michelle Massa, Principal; and Julie Kunkel, Assistant District Attorney. Standing,
from left: Paul Cain, Attendance Officer; Charles Obremski, Assistant Superintendent; Michael
McLucas, Principal; Sergeant Sean Bagley, School Resource Officer; Kevin Shaw, Principal;
Brian Wallace, Assistant Principal; Frederick F. Foresteire, Superintendent; Dr. Omar Easy, Vice
Principal; Anthony Luongo, Attendance Officer; David Brady, Principal; Erick Naumann, Principal
and Paul Enfanto, Director of Guidance.

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