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Looking at the new form of government

Dear Editor,

With the election for the first unicameral government just two weeks away, I feel it is important for the voters of Everett to understand how this change will affect them and how to vote. First and foremost, the new Everett City Council will consist of one representative from each ward and five members at large. To explain this in simple terms, think of how you voted for the Board of Alderman. They were all voted city wide with one from each ward and one at large. The new City Council will work the same way with the one exception of voting for five at large. If you think of it in those terms, you will understand how the process works.

With the possibility of a casino coming to the city, it is prudent that all voters understand that the people that get elected on November 5 will have the responsibility of dealing with the issues surrounding the potential casino. Look long and hard at each person running and make a wise decision on who you want handling the distribution of the millions of dollars our city could receive.

Another change is the Mayor’s term goes from two to four years. Regardless of who you support for Mayor, remember that the person who wins will be responsible for handling your tax dollars over the course of those four years. To clarify a misconception out there, if Everett is going to get the Wynn Resort it does not matter who is Mayor. A perfect example of that is Boston. Mayor Menino will not be in office after January 2014. The license does not attach itself to the Mayor, it attaches to the city. So don’t vote for a person because they are attached to the casino, but who you want attached to the casino. Since both candidates support Wynn Resorts coming to Everett, your vote should be for the person you have the most confidence in, who has the intelligence and experience to deal with the various issues in the city, and the person most able to communicate in a clear and articulate manner that shows respect to all resident whether they agree with him or not.

Don’t listen to campaign rhetoric about where another candidate stands—call all the candidates and ask them how they feel about the casino and every other issue in this city. I know I want the people making decisions on how to handle the issues and spending of tax dollars to do so in the most prudent manner. Unfortunately, this city has been so inundated with Casino, Casino, Casino. I think that a lot of good can come from having Wynn come to Everett. A lot of bad could occur also. It is going to take strong leadership, intelligence, and conscientious leaders to make the right decisions for Everett going forward.

In conclusion, the future of Everett is in YOUR hands. Make your decisions wisely.

Rosemary Miller

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