Suspected Everett Shooter Arrested After Standoff with Police

A member of the SWAT team on Calhoun Ave.

A member of the SWAT team on Calhoun Ave.

An 18-year old Everett man, Shadane Richards, was arrested on multiple charges last Friday, September 6, after a report of daytime gunfire on Calhoun Avenue resulted in a response from Everett Police, the North Metro SWAT team and the temporary lockdown of two schools for precautionary reasons.

According to police reports and witness accounts, four shots were fired on Calhoun Avenue at about 10:30 a.m. on Friday morning. The only damage reported was to a vehicle that belonged to a neighbor of the suspect, who later told police that he heard the shots shortly after returning to his home, went out to the street to investigate and saw his bullet-riddled vehicle leaking fluids.

Richards, who is listed as living at 15 Calhoun Avenue with his mother was charged with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, possession of a firearm without a license, unlawful possession of ammunition and malicious destruction of property, but not before a three and a half hour standoff with police, who surrounded his home immediately after the report of gunshots was made.

North Metro Swat, which is comprised of Everett and Revere Special Operations Unit officers, were also supported in the operation by the Boston Police Department’s armored vehicle.

Police spoke to Richards several times through a bullhorn on Friday afternoon, before he eventually surrendered to police.

A source in city hall who was not authorized to speak about the incident said that Richards is believed to suffer some mental illness. There was no information as of Monday about how Richards came to possess the firearm he is accused of firing but the investigation by police was not yet complete.

Two schools in the area of the shooting, Webster Elementary School and Everett High School, were temporarily placed into lockdown by police and school officials as a precaution on Friday. According to officials, no children in either school were in any danger as a result of the incident.

Police Chief Steven Mazzie said on Monday that he was satisfied with his department’s response to the incident.

“I was on scene the whole time and was pleased by the response and outcome,” said Mazzie. “This is why we equip, train and drill together. When you have a critical incident such as this, it is important to know that you have the resources available to immediately address the threat.”

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