$2.1 Million Glendale Park Facelift; Long Overdue

Glendale Park will soon be receiving a major boost as the city’s signature park and recreation field following action taken at city hall Monday night.

The $2.1 million being borrowed to remake the sprawling field, arguably, the most important public recreation space in the city, has been a long time coming.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has pushed for the funding and finally the Board of Alderman approved his request, which comes as part of a much larger borrowing intended to make repairs at the Parlin School and a for a wide variety of projects to be completed under the city’s Capital Improvement program.

Literally everything about Glendale Park will be redone and made better and more people friendly with this appropriation.

The Board of Aldermen has done the right thing in approving this mayoral request.

With the new high school now situated in a way that the park is its front lawn and playground, the redoing of the park makes all the more good common sense.

In actuality, Glendale Park has become more important than ever before.

It is no longer just a major city park – it is as well the park used by the high school population.

Bottom line – Glendale Park with new facilities and fields and added features for recreation makes it a much better place than it is today.

Also, Mayor DeMaria is right in proposing a $7 million capital projects appropriation.

The city’s infrastructure requires millions of dollars of attention every year.

If the city were to suspend these capital projects in order to consider it a savings for taxpayers, in the end, taxpayers would be made to ante up more. It is a harsh reality that the longer our major public parks and properties slip into disrepair from overuse the more it will cost to bring them back to what they ought to be.

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