Vote for the Linkage Bill

Everett’s coucillors and aldermen should vote favorably on the mayor’s linkage bill when it comes up for a vote in the weeks to come.

The linkage bill makes good sense here as it does in every industrial city where big corporations and large developers are expected to put something into the pot for the city before millions go into their own pockets.

This is just the way it works in the modern world.

Mayor DeMaria is absolutely on the mark advocating for a linkage fee for big developers seeking to move here.

As he so rightly said last week, linkage fees for large corporations looking to locate their businesses in Everett will do nothing to stop them from locating here.

Again, the mayor is right.

The sooner the leadership in this city comes to understand that Everett is no longer for sale to the lowest possible bidders, the sooner this city will become a much better place to live in and to do business in.

Linkage fees will pour potential millions of dollars into the city treasury at a time when the city needs it most.

We urge passage of the linkage fee proposed by Mayor DeMaria.

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