Mayor Submits Capital Improvement Package

In accordance with the new City Charter, Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. officially submitted a capital improvement package to the City Council. The City Council will officially hold a public hearing on Monday, May 7th to hear favorable or unfavorable responses from the community at large. Copies of the package will be available online and are available for viewing at the Parlin Library and the City Clerk’s office.

The capital improvement package includes projects ranging from the Shute Library Renovation, Residential water meter installation, reconstruction and rehabilitation of streets and parks, design services for the City Fire Stations, minor rehabilitation work on city and school buildings, fixing tot lots, and studying the organizational layout of City Hall. The package is a five year plan, which studies infrastructure, equipment, streets and utilities.

“This capital improvement package really helps set the stage for the future of our city,” notes Mayor DeMaria, “we can’t expect to get all of this work done this year, however, as I’ve mentioned many times before, this is part of the planning process. We know all of the areas that we need to fix and this gives us the framework for getting everything done over the next five to ten years.”

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