The Mayor Must Act; the Council, Too

The Tuesday evening meeting of the Everett School Committee was one of the most important in recent years.

The School Committee is asking for a substantial amount of money to defray rapidly rising costs connected with the extraordinary rise in the school population and the need to remain in compliance with all state and federal mandates and to move public education forward in the city of Everett.

Increased costs and the loss of state and federal grants has led to a $3 million shortfall between what is budgeted and what is physically tangibly needed.

Perhaps the most difficult problem to cope with is the rising school population which has increased by almost 800 during the past three years and which is increasing more rapidly this year.

The School Committee is asking the city government and the mayor to act.

The shortfall must be made up in full or bridged in a major way in order to maintain the integrity of the public school system..

The mayor and the city government will be mulling over the request from the School Department.

We urge the mayor and the city government to act as there is a lot riding on their decision.

1 comment for “The Mayor Must Act; the Council, Too

  1. Ms. Murray
    January 22, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    This meeting was a serious eye opener for me. The library was filled beyond capacity with concerned parents, yet there was no effort made on the part of the school committee to welcome us in any way. The venue was far to small to accommodate us and there was no sound system to broadcast the meeting. Clearly, the parents of this city care about their school system, but I have to ask how much the school system cares about the parents.  

    Obviously, I am a parent in the Everett public school system, and I am deeply committed to making my schools everything they need to be for my children and the children of my neighbors. I’ve heard so many stories about the lack of commitment on the part of the parents in this city, but I’ve found these stories to be completely untrue. In my 2 years as a patron of our schools, I’ve found all of my child’s school events very well attended and the other parents in our community deeply concerned about our schools. 

    Sadly, despite all of the frustration in that room during the meeting, most parents ended up shaking their heads and saying, “What do you expect? That’s Everett.” Well, I’m saying that I personally expect much more. 

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