Casino at Suffolk Downs Benefits City of Everett

Everett has one of the highest commercial property tax rates in the state.

There is high unemployment here and especially in the building trades, which have been hurting since the nation almost went bust in 2007.

We have just built a handful of stunning new public schools and no sooner was all this accomplished than we learned that we need another one to fill the need for additional seats because the numbers being educated in our public schools are growing so rapidly.

The rational for a casino at Suffolk Downs does not change with the addition of the Robert Kraft/Steve Wynn effort to do the same in Foxboro.

A casino is needed in this area as an economic boost more than it is needed in Foxboro where that community already has the advantage of Gillette Stadium.

Everett needs the boost that will come naturally with more jobs, more capital investment, and more revenues locally for residents to spend with a casino built at Suffolk Downs.

A casino built at Foxboro will tend to aid the people of that area who have already benefited from the added employment and other opportunities offered by Gillette Stadium.

It is time for this region – for the Greater Boston region – to benefit from the positive economic impact a casino at Suffolk Downs will cause to occur.

Foxboro has already had its day.

Suffolk Downs and this area should be allowed, or in this case, granted the right by the Gaming Commission soon to be named to for an economic boost.

In the end, the debate will be about economic stimulus and its ability to change the life and times of Everett residents and the residents of East Boston, Revere and Greater Boston as opposed to the residents of Foxboro and its neighboring towns.

The folks in Foxboro already have the stadium

The record speaks for itself locally. We need the stimulus here.


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