Who You Gonna Call? Local Group Takes Scientific Approach to Seeking out and Solving Ghost Stories, Paranormal Experiences

October 26, 2011

Para-Boston Investigator Keith uses some electrical meters and an infrared video camera to monitor an old passage tunnel in the Portsmouth Light House during a recent special investigation.

Scott Trainito doesn’t nec­essarily believe in ghosts – or more appropriately, the paranormal – but that hasn’t stopped him from looking for them time and again over the past five years.

As the founder of Para-Boston Investigators, based in East Boston, the Everett resi­dent and Eastie postman has put together a diverse team of professionals who traverse the local area and even other parts of the country looking for ghosts, spirits or incidents of the paranormal.

And they don’t just start poking around during the Halloween season; it’s a year-round pursuit for the crew.

“We take a very scientific approach to this,” said Traini­to on Monday, while taking a short break from his mail route. “My team and I, we’re all skeptics first and foremost. We emphasize debunking any claim of the paranormal. We actually get a kick out of debunking…We don’t hunt ghosts, though, like some might believe. I’m a paranor­mal investigator and I do ac­tual investigations. I go into houses and investigate para­normal activity. About 90 per­cent of the time, we can say what it is. There is usually a reasonable explanation. How­ever, we do hope for the other 10 percent of events that are unexplainable because that’s why we do what we do.”