Duty, Honor, Courage

Last week, three Everett police officers were awarded Medals of Valor for service beyond and above the call of duty.

The Medal of Valor is the police department’s highest honor.

The medals were awarded to Officer Richard DiPatrano, Officer Daniel Tucker and Officer Thomas Leyne.

DiPatrano and Tucker received their medals for actions they took that led to the capture of an armed bank robber who robbed the Everett Cooperative Bank and a subsequent carjacking last August.

Officer Leyne received his medal for his good work in leading police to the alleged bank robbers of the Century Bank last January.

These three men showed that they care about what they do and that for them, protecting the people above all else, is what their job is all about.

We congratulate these three Everett police officers.

They did the right thing when duty called.

That’s what it supposed to be all about for Everett police officers – so we appreciate the medals being awarded to those who truly deserved them.

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