BOA still Paying for Hard Winter

The snow of this past winter may have melted away, but the bills to get rid of it are still coming in for the taxpayers of Everett as the Board of Aldermen approved several departmental money transfers at their regular meeting on Monday night.  Included in the almost $625,000 in transfers was $222,000 to pay for rock salt and outside contactor services.  “It was a tough winter for snow removal,” City Services Director Brian Zaniboni explained to the Aldermen.  He noted that two positions in the city services were not filled and this allowed for a transfer of some funds.

With less than two months before the end of the fiscal year on June 30, these type of transfers will be occurring more frequently as  budget deficits are paid with transfers from accounts that have a surplus.  The Aldermen had some questions from department heads about the transfers but approved all requests except the transfer `of $10,000. from the Budget Department to the Parking Clerk Department.

“Why not use the money from the parking tickets,”  Alderman Chuck DiPierri asked Melissa Murphy of the Mayor’s office.  Murphy said that the money  had been set aside for new meters.  The request was laid on the table for two weeks.

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