Ed Markey Gaining Stature, Power after all these Years

When Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria went down to Washington recently to a conference as part of the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference the agenda was job creation and economic growth.

As most of us are all too aware, the recession and even the post-recession era is dogging us with high unemployment, and little to no job creation.

Home values have plunged. There is virtually no speculation in the market place, therefore, there are very few sales at higher prices for real estate these days.

The mayor’s meeting with Congressman Markey must have been fun.

After all, Congressman Markey is now one of the most senior members of Congress. As we have come to understand it, seniority is about everything when it comes to the Congress.

Markey’s most recent pubic comments that made wide rounds in the media asked the government to be especially careful about where it puts nuclear reactors which showed how constructive and to the point his political reasoning can be.

In fact, Markey asked that nuclear reactors not be constructed on fault lines.

Couldn’t our scientists figure that out?

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