Mayor disputes findings of story on Public Works

In these dire financial times, several members of the Common Council wanted to know why the City of Everett was featured in a news story as being one the highest paying municipalities for Public Works services at their meeting on Monday night.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria had sent a letter to the Council explaining that the formula that the Boston Globe used for the basis of their story was inaccurate. With the state average being $178, the story maintained that the citizens of Everett were paying a whopping $481 per resident. DeMaria contended that if all the variables that other cities and towns were using to compute their cost were used then the cost per Everett resident would be $212.

“I still have a few concerns,” Councilor Peter Napolitano stated.

He pointed out that other

surrounding communities like Chelsea were Paying $97 per resident.

The matter was referred to the Committee in Finances.

Other matters before the Council were as follows:

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