Bread & Co, gets approval from License Commission

On the first application before the Everett Board of License Commission on Monday night, commissioners, Chairman Phil Antonelli, and member Brian McCarthy, granted the owners of a new restaurant, Bread & Co. at 27B Norwood Street, a beer/wine with cordial liquor license for a trial period of six months, with a review to follow after that period. The owners had originally requested a full liquor license.

On the other application, Patio Café, to be located at 322 Chelsea Street, the commissioners asked the owners to resubmit their application and appear at the October 5 meeting, because abutters to the new restaurant hadn’t been notified, as required by law. Currently, unlike many of the surrounding communities, the License Commission still has two beer and wine licenses for restaurants and two full liquor licenses, also for restaurants, that can be granted. The next meeting is scheduled for October 5, and an additional applicant Championes at 557 Second Street, will be appearing for a transfer of a license.

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