Thank you, Distrigas

Once again, Distrigas has shown that it is not only the largest corporation operating a commercial business in this city but that it is as well one of the most generous.

Distrigas’s donation of $25,000 to the City’s Youth Summer Job Program helping teens to gain employment while out of school for the summer vacation gives a huge boost to the goal of employing as many students as possible.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria now gets to add this $25,000 to the $50,000 already placed in the city budget.

The mayor is also hoping the largesse and generosity shown by Distrigas will be matched by other corporations operating in Everett.

Last year, 40 Everett teenagers were hired to work summer jobs as a result of the city’s efforts – and those like Distrigas.

At least the same number is expected this year – and maybe more.

Again, we thank Distrigas for showing generosity as well as leadership and concern for the young people of this city who need jobs during the summer.

Even for a large corporation, $25,000 is a big chunk of change.

We hope what Distrigas has done will pave the way for other donations to the city’s Summer Job Program.

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