Council Approves Early Voting for 2023 Municipal Election

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The City Council unanimously approved a motion to accept the recommendation of the Election Commission and Elections Director Danielle Pietrantonio to hold early voting for the preliminary election in September and the general election in November.

Councillor-at-Large John Hanlon asked if all the early voting would be done in person.

“Under the new state law that was passed last June, you can opt into early voting and if you want, you can opt out of vote-by-mail,” said City Clerk Sergio Cornelio. “The Election Commission did not request to opt out of vote-by-mail. We think that is a benefit to the public, and we did believe that some early voting in-person would be beneficial.”

Cornelio noted that the early voting would be conducted in the George Keverian Room located on the third floor at City Hall.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky asked Cornelio how many people voted by mail in the 2022 state election.

“Between 7,000-8,000 were a combination of mail-in and early voting,” answered Cornelio. “We had about 7,000 or so vote by mail.”

During his remarks, Matewsky praised the work of the Election Department. “My [nomination] papers were certified a day after I put them. That’s the quickest I’ve ever been certified, and I appreciate that. Your office and Ms. Pietrantonio do a wonderful job.”

Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Smith asked about the tabulation of early votes and if those votes are counted immediately.

“You never tabulate on that day, said Cornelio. “What the Council gave us money for is to have a fast tabulator and the all the vote-by-mail and early voting [ballots] go into an envelope processed aside. [On Election Day], all of those ballots will be processed here. In the past, the ballots were delivered throughout the day to each precinct, and that’s burdening those poll workers. We figure this was a better process.”

Councilor Stephanie Martins asked about the security of the early voting envelopes.

“The [envelopes] are checked in by the Election staff – Ms. Pietrantino, Ms. Antonelli, Ms. Gibbons check in all of the ballot envelopes, and they are processed and placed in a large safe. We also have secondary boxes that we lock inside the safe.”

Following is the list of candidates who have pulled nomination papers for the 2023 Municipal Election           

City Council At-Large

Angelmarie Dinunzio

Katy Rogers

John Hanlon

Michael Marchese

Irene Cardillo   

Shaskia Bosquet

Kisan Upadhaya

Guerline Alcy

Stephanie V. Smith

Jean Marc Daniel

Joseph Pierotti Jr.

Maria R. Bussell

David LaRosa Senatillaka

Council Ward 1          

Wayne Matewsky

Jerry A. Navarra

Kenneth P Giannelli

Council Ward 2

Joetta Yutkins  

Stephanie Martins

Paul Cardillo

Council Ward 3

Anthony DiPierro

Darren Costa

Council Ward 4

Kimberly Kit Bridge

Nancy Cianchetta

Jimmy Tri Le

Holly D. Garcia

Council Ward 5                      

Vivian Nguyen

Robert J. Van Campen

Council Ward 6                      

Alfred Lattanzi

Peter Pietrantonio

School Committee At-Large                                 

Joanna Garren

Samantha Lambert

Cynthia E. Sarnie

Michael J McLaughlin (withdrawn)       

Jay E. Holt

Samantha Hurley

Joseph A. LaMonica

Farah Costa

Kristin N. Bairos

David LaRosa Senatillaka

School Committee Ward 1                                   

Millie J. Cardello

Margaret Cornelio

School Committee Ward 2                       

Jason Marcus

Joanna Garren

School Committee Ward 3            

Jeanne M. Cristiano

School Committee Ward 4           

Michael J. Mangan

Thomas P. Messina Jr

Robin M. Babcock

Lucas C. Rosa

James A Mastrocola                 

School Committee Ward 5

Charles E. Leo


Marcony Almeida Barros

School Committee Ward 6                       

Daniel Skerrit

Pattiann Scalesse

Thomas E. Abruzzese

Joseph A. D’Onofrio

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