Motion To Increase Affordable Housing Is Postponed Until Fall

A motion co-sponsored by Councilors Stephanie Martins and Darren Costa that would amend the city’s ordinances to increase affordable housing in Everett has been moved to the Council’s first meeting in September.

Martins said the measure would “increase the stock of affordable housing by making it so that any new development now starting at six units instead of ten units would have to include affordable housing.”

Martins said that she and Costa would be reconvening with the Planning Board “to make a few enhancements.”

Martins requested that the matter be moved to the Council’s first meeting in September.

Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Smith seemed perturbed about the slow progress of the measure toward a Council vote.

“This has been on the calendar waiting since April 24,” said Smith. “The right thing to do is refer this back to sponsor. It came out of committee unfavorably – refer back to sponsor and come to us when you’re ready. It’s not fair to every city councilor sitting up here for meetings now for eight weeks that we’re waiting to vote and waiting to vote, and waiting to vote, and we can’t vote. It’s been sitting here for two months under unfinished business. It’s not right. It’s not fair. You show up to these meetings to vote. Send it back to sponsor and come before us with what you want the changes to be.”

Martins responded cordially, saying that “we have work that’s being done, and it’s important work, and it takes reconvening.”

Ultimately, the Council voted to postpone action on the matter until its first meeting in September.

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